Mittelalterlich Gold 15th century Iconographic ring of Saint Benedict - 20 mm

Mittelalterlich Gold 15th century Iconographic ring of Saint Benedict - 20 mm
15th century - Großbritannien

15th century D-section gold hoop with flat rectangular bezel, billeted band to each shoulder. A very rare iconographic of Saint Benedic of Nursia holding abbot's staff in one hand and his famous rule in the other.

Iconographic rings became popular with the rise of the cult of patron saints in the 15th century. They were often given at weddings and as New Year gifts in England and Scotland. After the Reformation, iconographic jewellery was no longer considered socially acceptable and the type declined in use.

Saint Benedic of Nursia is the patron saint of Europe.

Material: solid gold
Weight: 7,71 gram
Date: 15th century AD
Measurement: 23 x 24 mm ringsize: 20 mm
Condition: In very good condition for its age. The ring has a very small crack in the hoop, but the ring is not broken. Crack visible in photo 7

Certificate of authenticity included.

International Insured Delivery.

Provenance: The Supplier warrants that it has obtained this lot in a legal manner.
From a UK private collection, before that bought at an antiquities fair in Dordmunt, Germany.

Important information:
The seller will take care that any necessary permits will be arranged.
The seller guarantees that he is entitled to ship this lot.

15th century Iconographic ring of Saint Benedict
Jahrhundert/ Zeitraum
15th century
Good a very small crack in hoop but not broken
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