Albert Meda en Paolo Rizatto for Luceplan - pendant light 'Titania'

Albert Meda en Paolo Rizatto for Luceplan - pendant light 'Titania'
1989, Italy

The aluminium lamp "Titania" is a design from 1989 by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan. The elliptical shape is reminiscent of a Zeppelin. This light fixture comes with the complete matching set of colour filters (yellow, green, purple, blue, red), which makes it possible to create an entirely different look for a room at any moment of the day.
The lamp is a functional designer lamp with a unique play of colours. The elliptical body of the lamp with its striking, ribbed look will catch everyone's attention, even when it's turned off. This will surely be the case when it is turned, shining in the colours of the fitted panels (red, green, yellow, blue and purple). Special: the light that shines straight up or down from the central section remains white. You can expect surprised looks from your guests if you hang this Luceplan designer lamp over your dining table to illuminate your dining room in an incomparable fashion. The lamp is in perfect condition.
Large lamp holder: E27.
Size: length 72 cm x diameter 28 cm. All lots will be shipped registered.

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