Gunther Granget Fox - Anri, mid-20th century

Gunther Granget Fox - Anri, mid-20th century
Signed, Italy, in good condition

This beautiful wooden fox is made by the famous German artist Gunther R. Granget (1932-2010). He is best known for porcelain art, but his wooden sculptures of animals are the most popular among collectors. After he lost both parents and brother in the war, Gunther Granget became fully focused on figurative art. Initially only porcelain, but later also in wooden sculptures. His work has been exhibited in several museums and exhibitions around the world.

This beautiful image of a fox was created in cooperation with the famous Italian wood company Anri. It is a wonderful sculpture, in good condition, with much detail. At the bottom the sculpture is marked with Anri and at the rear the sculpture is signed with the initials G.G.

The sculpture has a length of 16 cm and is, of course, made entirely out of wood. It will be very well packed and be sent by registered and insured mail.

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