Fotokameras & Zubehör (Analog 1900 - 1950)

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Ed van Mil

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Edwin Molenaar

Wir stellen Experten ein!

"Nettar 516/2" Zeiss Ikon (1940).

The exterior is vintage, gorgeous. the shutter executes shutter speeds perfectly, the lens diaphragm opens the petals not evenly, one of them brakes. The shutter release button on the tower does not transmit a click to the lens. Descent is carried out on the shutter. Mehr

"Moscow-4". Rare USSR camera. Krasnogorsk 1956

Fully operable, but the duplicate release lever, which transmits pressing from the camera head to the shutter - requires lubrication, sometimes does not return to its original position. The camera is externally in excellent condition, but a small piece of skin on the body is drained. Mehr

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