Militaria Auktion (Medaillen, Auszeichnungen, Dokumente)

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Francesco Paganini

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Pierre De Breucker

Wir stellen Experten ein!

5 pcs. WW2 - WWII Badges sells together / 3 pcs. of “Freiheit und Brot” election badges (March 29, 1936) + 2 pcs. of Adolf Hitler Badges - Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer / Führer - The phrase means "one people, one empire, one leader". It meant that the Nazi party believed that they should control every aspect of German society and that Hitler was the absolute ruler of Germany

The 1936 “Freiheit und Brot” election badge (March 29, 1936); are in gilded metal, and these badges are magnetic, has vertical needle pin; are unmarked; and measuring 28 mm; very fine condition. 2 pcs. of Adolf Hitler Badges - Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer / Führer badges are also magnetic, and measuring 28-30 mm; very fine condition. Mehr

Lot - 11 pcs. of Badges + 1 Belt Buckle sells together. Most of the items in this lot are French and made in Paris. Also included a French Belt Buckle / Shield: Sûreté Nationale + Tank Badges + Foreign LEGION etc.

Include 2 Tank Badges + Foreign LEGION - Legion Etrangere / Fremden-Legion Badge - Collet Génie Arme / + French Cross: Croix de la valeur militaire / + Badge from 2nd Foreign Cavalry Regiment (2e Régiment Étranger de Cavalerie) + French Badge: La Tourd Auvergne 46 REGIMENT + French Badge: PLUTOT MOURIR QUE FAILLIR 46 REGIMENT Mehr

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